U.C. Study Focuses on Dropouts

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 7, 2007

The California Dropout Research Project—based at U-C Santa Barbara is launching a series of studies—the first of which will be released next month.  Director Russell Rumberger says concerns about future workers—and estimates of their education level-- are driving the project. 

“It suggests we’re going to have many more undereducated workers than we have positions for them so the state faces a huge challenge in getting these students educated so they can be productive citizens and contribute to the welfare of the state…” 

Rumberger says the sixteen studies will include a profile of dropouts.  He says researchers will also examine what kinds of data the state needs to collect to put out accurate estimates of how many dropouts there are in California.  The State Department of Education is developing a new way to keep track of students to be started in 2008.