Stray Bullet Kills Sacramento State Student

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, May 3, 2007

Police say two groups of people began arguing at a nightclub called The Library, located across the street from campus. The arguing spilled out into the parking lot and several shots were fired. One of the stray bullets hit Kebret Tekle. The 20-year-old journalism student was sitting in a parked car near the club. She died about 17-hours later.   

"Kebret was bubbly."

Monique Ford was one of Tekle’s sorority sisters from Alpha Kappa Alpha. 

"I mean if she was walking and she saw you her face just lit up." 

Students and faculty held a candlelight vigil on Wednesday night.  

"There was about 200 people there. There were just a lot of people that she touched and we just gather there to lean on each other during this time."

Lori Varlotta – the university’s vice president for Student Affairs – says Tekle was the quintessential prototype of youth. 

"These things are hard for anybody but particularly somebody who had a lot to look forward to." 

Varlotta says the campus is doing all it can to support students including offering counseling. Meantime, police are still looking for the gunman.