President's Veto Affects Aid To Valley Dairy Farms

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(Modesto, CA)
Wednesday, May 2, 2007

As promised President Bush vetoed the bill because it includes a timetable for withdrawing U-S forces from Iraq. Dairy farmers have a stake in the measure because it includes twenty million dollars in disaster relief for them. Collectively dairies incurred about a half billion dollars in losses during last summer’s heat wave. They’ve also seen profits cut by a spike in the cost of feed.

Michael Marsh of Western United Dairymen says last year more than sixty farms went out of business and the number continues to increase.

"Already this year we know we’ve lost at least another twenty-three dairy farms. So within the space of about five or six months, we’ve lost about five percent of our farms." 

Marsh says more diaries could close if the disaster assistance isn’t forthcoming soon. Farm lobbyists in Washington say they have no idea when or if the farmers will receive the aid.