State Posts Online List of Sales Tax Delinquents

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 30, 2007

Earlier this month the state Board of Equalization posted the list of more than 200-businesses that owe a total of 219-million dollars to the state.  Spokeswoman Anita Gore says the debt amounts range considerably: 

“Anywhere from 200-thousand dollars to 17-million dollars. The businesses that are on this list are big businesses, small businesses from rural areas and urban areas they pretty much run the gamut…” 

The list has only been up a matter of days but so far no one on it has been “shamed” into paying up. However Gore says they sent letters to the top offenders notifying them the list was about to be published. 

She says that threat prompted one taxpayer to immediately pay in full 300-thousand dollars. Two others agreed to payment plans that brought in more than one-point-five million.  The list is a result of a new state law.