Dry Year Prompts Warning

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 30, 2007

Jeanine Jones with the Department of Water Resources characterizes it like this:

“This year we’re pretty much dry all over.”

The Sierra snowpack – an important water resource for most Californians – is the driest it’s been in about two decades.  The most recent automatic sensors show the snow’s water content is more than 70 percent below average.   But she stresses no real water shortages are expected this summer because reservoirs are brimming:

“Storage this year is very good because we in essence  have a full bank account due to the fact since last year was very wet.  Statewide storage in both reservoirs and groundwater is very good.”

Jones encourages people to conserve now…..because another dry year could make things critical.  She adds the dry summer could mean an increased wildfire risk.