Sacramento Flood Assessment Gets A Yes Vote

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, April 27, 2007

The vote was announced at a special meeting yesterday of the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency Board.

The victory was sweet for Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo, who as chair of the SAFCA board, led the campaign effort:


I think people understand what could happen to Sacramento if we ever did have a flood.  They understand how dependent we all are on our levees and they’re ready to pay their share to fix it.


Pocket area resident Laura Kneppel lives right next to a levee.  She voted to tax herself. 


I’ve walked on the levee when the river’s been really high in the winter time, and it can be really scary, especially when you realize it’s only a relatively thin section of earth that’s protecting you and your home and your life from all that raging water.



SAFECA can use the promise of incoming tax money to take out bonds and get started on flood protection work right away.  The first priorities include increasing the security of levees in Natomas and making seismic improvements to Folsom Dam.