Sac State President Faces No Confidence Vote

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, April 27, 2007

Critics of President Gonzalez blame him for the university’s $6.5 million budget deficit. They say his proposed spending priorities will result in increased class sizes and cuts to academic funding. Michael Fitzgerald is chair of the Faculty Senate, which called for the “no confidence” referendum.   

"This wasn’t organic, it didn’t just happen. It happened because monies were spent specifically for the university advancement office and specifically for the hiring of additional administrators on campus and that created a deficit."

Many of the students we talked to said they weren’t familiar with the referendum, but among students who were, reaction was mixed. 

"I hear he’s been pretty bad so far, like taking money out of the wrong places."

"I just wish that they would give him a little bit more time. I know some of the things that he has in mind I think are great ideas." 

Gonzalez says he has no plans to step down or change his policies. He sent a 9-page letter to students and faculty disputing criticism and calling the no confidence referendum reminiscent of a witch hunt.

Results of the non-binding vote are expected before 5 o’clock this afternoon