Presidential Candidates Converge On California

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, April 27, 2007

California Democratic Party Chairman Art Torres says the focus of this year’s convention is pretty clear:

“It’s presidential, and the fact that we’re able to have an early primary in California has created an environment where all candidates except senator Biden will be appearing before the convention this weekend.”

Torres says he’s told delegates this is their chance to let the candidates woo them.  There will be more than two-thousand party members at the convention.  Each candidate has a chance at some support, since the primary votes are awarded on a proportional basis.   Just this week Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez announced his endorsement of Hillary Clinton.  Torres says this is the first ever state Democratic Party convention in San Diego – which has traditionally been a Republican stronghold.  

Republican Presidential candidates will hit California next week, when they gather for a debate at the Ronald Regan Presidential Library in Simi Valley.