Yolo County D.A. Warns Of Increased Violence

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yolo County D.A. Jeff Reisig says he and city officials will meet to consider going back to court to seek another order setting up curfews, restricting alcohol use and banning public gatherings of the gang members:
This is a decision that affects the entire city of West Sacramento.  I think that as leaders within the city, and of course, the police chief has a direct role in this regard, they have to be involved in this issue, it’s an important one.
The appeals court ruled the district attorney’s office had not given enough notice of the injunction to suspected gang members, so no one knew when to show up in court to fight it.
Ann Brick, with the ACLU of Northern California, ultimately challenged the 2005 order:
Let’s just see what the Yolo County district attorney does in this case, but you can be sure we will be watching it closely.
The district attorney claims during the two years the injunction was in effect, gang violence decreased significantly in Yolo County, while it spiked in Sacramento County.