State Lawmaker Wants Restrictions on Ammunition Sales

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 23, 2007

Democratic Assemblyman Kevin De Leon says access is just too easy to handgun bullets in California—his bill sets up a framework to keep track of who’s selling more than fifty rounds of handgun ammunition in any month… And who’s buying it.  In addition he wants the bullets behind the counter—out of easy reach: 

“When you go buy a can of spray paint that’s locked up, as well as cigarettes in the state of California, so why can’t we lock up ammunition?”

DeLeon’s bill would also require face-to-face transactions—putting a stop to internet sales.   Purchasers would also have to provide their driver’s license number and submit their thumbprint.

The National Rifle Association and the California Rifle and Pistol Association are among the opponents.  They say the measure does not serve any crime-fighting purpose, but would only create a large and costly bureaucratic registration program. 

The measure is AB 362.