Incandescent Bulb Ban Bill Moves Forward

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 23, 2007

Assemblyman Lloyd Levine says compact fluorescent bulbs are about 75 percent more efficient than the basic incandescent we’ve been buying for years.  That’s why the Democrat has authored a measure to ban the sale of the traditional bulbs by the year 2012:

“In California, 2% of our state’s energy is used just to power incandescent light bulbs.  If we were to save 75% of that energy, and reduce our power needs by that much, it would be the equivalent of taking 400-thousand cars off the road.”

Critics say the fluorescents cost more, but Levine says that’s a misconception.  He argues they’re widely available, and people aren’t using them because they’re not informed.  But Republican Assemblyman Cameron Smyth says it should be up to the consumer. 

“Philosophically I don’t believe it should be the government’s role to mandate those changes being made.  Let individuals make those decisions for themselves.”

The bill heads next to an environmental committee. 

Bill number:  AB 722