School Cancelled After Suspect Makes Shooting Spree Threat

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(Yuba City, CA)
Thursday, April 19, 2007

From KXJZ News and Associated Press reports

Twenty-eight-year-old Jeffrey Carney is being sought after he told his pastor and family members last night that he planned a mass killing. Police had been staking out a Yuba City apartment complex much of the day but Carney didn’t surface there 
Word of the manhunt prompted schools in Yuba City, Marysville and other locations in the Sacramento area to tighten security. Worried parents pulled their children from school, including Silvia Korea. She lives less than a mile from the Park Terrace Apartments in Yuba City – where police originally thought Carney was holed up. 
"I Turned on the TV and I heard the news, so I went to pick up my daughters at school.  One goes to Grey Avenue School the other two goes to Yuba City High, and uh there was like a big line maybe a hundred people in front of me trying to get their kids too."

With the suspect still at large…officials say school districts in Yuba City and Marysville will be closed Friday.  Even if the suspect is caught, they say it would be too hard to notify all 22-thousand students that classes are back on. 
Carney was being sought after he told his pastor and family members Wednesday night that he planned a mass killing. He told them he had an explosive device, poison and an automaticweapon.  Sutter County Sheriff Jim Denney says the 28-year-old Yuba City man made no specific threat against any particular location. 

 Carney had been recently arrested on domestic violence allegations.