School Safety Plan Legislation

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Democrat Ted Lieu introduced his bill after a shooting at a high school in his Los Angeles County district.  That prompted him to look into school safety:

“What we discovered was a lot of schools, are not reporting that they have school safety plans, or updated school safety plans and some of the schools just flat out don’t have them.  To me, public safety in schools is number one, even beyond teaching.”

Lieu says K-12 schools are required by law to have a plan to respond to everything from fires and earthquakes to shootings, and to update it each year.  But he says there’s no good enforcement.  Under his bill the school’s principal would have his or her credentials suspended for a year if the school doesn’t have a plan.  Opponents argue singling out the principal is unfair, when an entire committee is charged with preparing a safety plan.  

Bill number:  AB 810