Proposition 36: Supporters Rally While Some Question Outcomes

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oliver Hamilton was among the few hundred rallying at the state Capitol.  He’s a former drug addict who calls his arrest in 2004 a moment of clarity… 

 “I was able to say maybe Prop 36 can help me and it did…”
Governor Schwarzenegger has proposed cutting millions from Prop 36.  He’s pushed for changes that have been challenged in court, including brief jail time for those who don’t show up for treatment.  Margaret Dooley with the Drug Policy Alliance says that won’t help. 

“We don’t believe that jail is something that encourages people to attend and it doesn’t make it easier to attend. Right now the issues are transportation, child care, employment…”

A recent  U.C.L.A study says only a third of drug offenders complete their treatment program.  A spokeswoman for the Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs says the Governor wants better outcomes.