Theatre Review: Three Days Of Rain

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, April 17, 2007

This play is part character study, and part mystery. The first half is set in 1995, as three young adults try to understand the heritage left by their deceased fathers -- architects who ran a major firm. These guys became famous, but they were also very private. The one didn’t talk much – the other died young. So all that’s left are clues, in the form of childhood memories, and a very cryptic diary.

(scene from show)

What really happened? The younger generation never finds out.
But through the magic of stagecraft, the audience does. After intermission, the story shifts to 1960, and the actors return -- this time playing the parents. There are surprises in store as we experience the past, from the viewpoint of the older generation. “Three Days of Rain” is a sophisticated treat for the mind, propelled by excellent acting. It’s also a polished production by Capital Stage, which is doing some the best shows this year in Sacramento.

"Three Days of Rain" continues at Capital Stage in Old Sacramento through May 13th.