Local Students Worry About Safety

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Inside the University Union game room, student Tony Nguyen is taking a break from his business classes during the noon hour to shoot a game of pool.

Nguyen says he was appalled by the shootings and says the attack makes him think about his own well-being.

"If you think that ‘oh, it’s not going to happen to me’ it’s kind of being very naïve about it. But that can just happen on any campus on any given day."

A few feet away from the pool tables, student Chris Koch is signing a giant sympathy card that the university is sending to Virginia Tech.

"I think it’s pretty scary that we could be in the same situation here on this campus."

The head of Sacramento State’s Psychological Counseling Services – Bert Epstein – says these feelings are normal.

"'Is that something that could happen here?' That very question that people ask themselves on our campus and many other campuses across the country serves up a tremendous amount of anxiety. 

Epstein says he expects students will seek counseling for fear and grief in the coming weeks. In addition to therapy, he says students can get support by talking to each other about their feelings.