New Legislation Focuses on Leaks in High Profile Cases

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, April 13, 2007

Democratic Assemblywoman Julia Brownley is carrying a bill that would make it a crime for public safety employees to sell information they’ve obtained on the job.

The bill also makes it a crime for anyone to pay for it.  L.A. County Sheriffs officials say in Mel Gibson’s case, information was not sold.

But Brownley says the issue must be addressed to protect the rights of the accused. 

 “With YouTube and the whole internet access and so forth I think it’s an issue we want to nip in the bud to make sure everyone has a right to a fair trial…” 

Sheriff’s officials say such leaks can be damaging to open cases but note the practice of selling information is not widespread.  The bill was unanimously approved by an Assembly committee.