Ambitious Agenda At State Capitol

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, April 13, 2007

It’s always busy this time of year at the state Capitol.  Bills are winding their way through committees.   New lawmakers are still getting their sea legs.  But add to that this year’s dilemmas:  A looming federal takeover of the overcrowded state prison system – a commitment to reform healthcare – and a Governor pushing for more public works spending– and you’ve got a mind-boggling to-do list.   Sherry Bebitch-Jeffe is a Senior Scholar at USC’s school of policy, planning and development:

 “To fling all of this out there without even knowing what the budget looks like is a little irresponsible.”

We’ll have a clearer picture of the budget come May, but the non-partisan legislative analyst predicts a 700 million dollar shortfall.  Other issues lawmakers have been tackling lately:  same-sex marriage, the safety of leafy greens and cloned food.