Bill Sponsored by Parents of Stillborn Children Stalls

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Kirsten Pert of Orange County wears a pendant-- a picture of her baby girl Emma who was born dead last September. 

“It’s important for families who go home with empty arms and broken hearts who have absolutely nothing to hold onto I mean their arms ache to hold a baby to hold something tangible…”
Pert says she wants a special certificate of birth resulting in stillbirth—which the bill would provide.  Opponents include Planned Parenthood of California. Communications Director Ana Sandoval says there’s concern language in the bill could hinder current abortion rights. 

 “We want to offer women clear recognition of their loss while at the same time protecting other women’s choices.”

The bill’s author Republican Senator Abel Maldonado says he’s not hopeful the bill will be heard at a future hearing.  

The bill is SB 850