Matsui: Retired Military Personnel Should Teach

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Matsui visited Hiram Johnson High School and met a second year English teacher who is also a 21 year Air force veteran.
Matsui is working on a bill to reword a section of the national Troops to Teachers program, so more schools and former military personnel can participate:
Right now in the Sacramento area, we have ten Troops to Teachers people.  I think there’s over 300 schools that probably can qualify.
The Troops to Teachers program gives scholarships to military veterans so they can become teachers at so-called high need schools like Hiram Johnson, which has a large number of low income students.
But Matsui says a recent rewriting of the program unintentionally confused the definition of high need.  This limits the number of schools eligible to participate.
Matsui’s legislation would correct the wording, as would a similar measure in the U.S. Senate.  So far, there appears to be no organized opposition to the bill.