No Tax Pledge Signed by Republican Lawmakers

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Monday, April 9, 2007

When it comes to the state budget no one’s talking taxes —except Republican lawmakers who have signed a “no tax pledge”.  Some G.O.P votes would be needed to approve a tax hike.  State Senator Tom McClintock says tax increases are off the table—it’s spending that is the problem.… 

 “That again speaks to a massive management issue that will not be addresses until the public says no to higher and higher taxes…”
Assembly Budget Committee chairman, Democrat John Laird says taxes aren’t part of a discussion or debate. 

“The real debate is how are we going to protect Prop 98 for children, how are we going to protect public transit operations and how are we going to protect support to kids?”

The state’s non-partisan Legislative Analyst estimates a budget shortfall of more than 700-million dollars based on the Governor’s proposed spending plan for next year.

Republican Assemblyman Roger Niello is the only G.O.P lawmaker who did not sign the tax pledge.  It is his policy not to sign pledges.  However he says he does not support tax increases.