Green Week In Store For Governor

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 9, 2007

This week’s Newsweek cover features the Governor with the world literally balancing on his fingertip.  His Press Secretary Aaron McLear says Schwarzenegger will also be speaking at an environmental conference sponsored by the magazine in Washington – and he’ll be giving a separate, similar speech in New York to the Council on Foreign Relations:

 “He’s going to talk about what we’ve done here – what’s been successful here and what he thinks other states ought to be doing.”

But state Democratic Party advisor Bob Mulholland says it’s all showmanship:

“I just think Schwarzenegger loves being on the stage so he’s using the Governor’s office to be back on the stage.  That’s all it’s about."

It was also recently announced that the Governor will be speaking at the British conservative party’s conference this fall – the topic:  his environmental agenda.