Arden Arcade Cityhood Signatures Being Verified

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Just as Citrus Heights and Rancho Cordova broke away from the county to become their own cities, some Arden Arcade residents want to do the same. They say incorporation will give them more control.

"People from the community making its decisions – what’s best for the community." 

Joel Archer is heading the cityhood campaign. On KXJZ’s Insight he said tax revenues from Arden Arcade should stay in the community. 

"We look around to the communities close to us, the other cities, and they’re thriving. So can we achieve more for Arden Arcade as a city? I would say yes to that."

But Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness, who opposes the idea, says Arden Arcade would be wise to stay with the county.

"There is a tremendous depth of resources that come back into that community and I think that’s particularly significant for a community such as Arden Arcade with the aging infrastructure issues."

Election officials say they should be done verifying petition signatures by April 13th. Barring any glitches, the next step will be for a state-mandated agency to do a feasibility study. The issue could go before voters in November of 2008.