Trestle Fire Investigation Continues

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, April 3, 2007

During a ceremony Tuesday under the newly rebuilt concrete and steel trestle, Sacramento City Councilwoman Sandy Sheedy marveled at how fast it took to finish the job.  

"What can you do with union labor, an unlimited budget – it’s fantastic. You got it done in 12 days." 

The trestle reopened last weekend. Dennis Duffy with Union Pacific says they’re still cleaning up the soil contaminated by the fire and fixing a section of the bike trail that’s been unusable since the fire happened.  

"We’ll get the welding done and then there’s going to be some temporary measures taken to hook up the equistrean trail and the bike trail and then we’ll rebuild the bike trail parallel with that." 

Sacramento Fire Chief Forest Adams says his arson investigator is working a few leads on the suspicious fire.

"And I just checked with him before this and we’ve got a couple more days of work to do."
UP donated $20,000 worth of equipment to Sacramento firefighters as a “thank you” gift for battling the March 15th blaze. UP also donated $4,000 grants to local neighborhood groups affected by the 24-hour reconstruction noise.