Theatre Review: STC's "Electricidad"

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 2, 2007

If the story in “Electricidad” sounds familiar, it should. The plot is drawn from Ancient Greek tragedy. But it’s told in a modern setting -- a gang-infested Latino neighborhood in LA, where feuds can play out over years. The title character is going mad, determined to destroy her father’s killer. Electridad’s relatives warn her that she’s being consumed by hatred, that she should set it aside, move on.


Does Electricidad listen? Of course not – this girl’s a dark, avenging angel on a singlular mission. But before we reach the anguished ending, “Electricidad” affectionately brings us into California Latino culture, often in a warm and gently funny way, with the family relationships presented in Spanish-inflected English. These interludes make the play’s jarring, bloody conclusion all the more effective. Characters become larger than life as fate overtakes them, and this show packs a memorable punch in its final scenes.

"Electricidad" continues at the Sacramento Theatre Company through May 20th.