Protest Against New Prison Beds

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More than 100 people from dozens of organizations turned up for a rally.  They came from across the state – some rode busses all night to be there:

what do we want? Justice? When do we want it?  Now! we're gonna get it today!

Craig Gilmore of the California Prison Moratorium Project says the governor’s plan to build 78-thousand new prison and jail beds won’t solve the space problem:

“We think the solution to prison overcrowding is we have too many people in prison and we should do parole reform and sentencing reform and we should be sending fewer people in and they should be spending less time when they get in.”

Governor Schwarzenegger has said new beds are necessary to provide space for rehabilitation programs.  Protestors also lobbied for the release of some geriatric or seriously ill prisoners.   A federal judge has given the state until June to show progress on relieving the overcrowding.