Memorial Auditorium To Be Waterproofed

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, March 28, 2007

City officials say the Memorial Auditorium needs to be waterproofed. Judy Goldbar, the Convention Center’s general manager, says work crews will start the messy job in mid-June. 

"They dig the dirt away from the sides of the building and then they go down with polyurethane material that wherever possible will waterproof the outside of the building and then where it is not possible to do that then we’ll do an injection method from the inside of the building." 

She says it’ll take several months to waterproof the 75-year-old building. Work crews will be using heavy equipment and piling up a lot of dirt. Most of the time the building will be closed but some events will go on as scheduled, including the California Musical Theater Company’s summer program.