Bicycle Taxis Coming

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pedicabs look like bicycle rickshaws. Earlier this month the city council passed an ordinance allowing pedicabs to operate. Marc Christensen owns Sacramento Valley Velocab. He’s looking to hire some drivers. 

"Basically if folks are fit and sociable and want to spend a few hours a day riding around the downtown/midtown grid, I can get them started."

Tuesday, council members are expected to exempt pedicabs from a bicycle ban on the K Street mall. Neil Lubin who owns Sacramento Rickshaw Company plans to operate four pedicabs and he’s expecting a lot of business. 

"Our typical customer would be a tourist from out of town but within the city there are people who perhaps are going to clubs." 

Under the newly approved city ordinance, pedicabs will be kept off major commuter lanes during the morning and evening rush hours. But they’ll be allowed to use sidewalks as long as they yield to foot traffic.