Park Advocates Warn Parks Threatened

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 26, 2007

A proposed toll road through a state beach in San Diego County, mega-dairies planned near a state historic site and a potential power line cutting across a desert state park.  Those are some of the concerns the nonprofit California State Park Foundation lists in a new report.   Democratic State Senator Christine Kehoe says she’s concerned developers are looking increasingly to parks for such projects:

“Private property owners, rightfully have a very loud voice in opposing these projects.  Our public parks are everybody’s backyard.  They need to be protected just like out personal backyard.”

The foundation is supporting bills, including one that would prevent much road construction in state parks.  Supporters are also upset that the Governor has proposed cutting a 250 million dollar earmark for park maintenance down to 90 million.  However, a spokesman with the Department of Parks and Recreation says that amount still represents the largest increase in several years.