Good Morning Vietnam DJ Meets With Local POW Families

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, March 23, 2007

Adrian Cronauer was a disc jockey for Armed Forces Radio during the Vietnam War. Now, he works for the Department of Defense in the Prisoner of War – Missing in Action office.

Cronauer travels around the country meeting with POW and MIA families. He says what he’s doing today is connected with the work he did in Vietnam 40-years ago. 

"Our mission was to be an antidote to home sickness and the way we did that was to try and sound as much like a stateside radio station as we possibly could and what we’re doing is trying to bring some comfort to the family members now and that’s why I’m here in Sacramento."

Cronauer and government specialists on Saturday will meet with Sacramento area family members of American servicemen missing in action. 

"For example, if their missing loved one is missing from Vietnam we’ll let them talk to a Southeast Asia analyst and some of these people, this is the first time in years if not decades that they’ve heard anything about their missing loved one and if we’re even able to give them just a tiny bit of new information if it helps them move a little closer to closure it means so much to them and they are so grateful and we of course, seeing what this means to the family members, we come back reenergized and revitalized and rededicated."

Cronauer says about 175 family members are expected to attend Saturday's event at the Holiday Inn Northeast in Sacramento on Madison Avenue.

For more information call (916) 338-5800.