Final Report Issued in Deadly E-Coli Outbreak

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, March 23, 2007

Land leased to Mission Organics San Benito County has been identified by state and federal health officials as the likely growing area of the tainted spinach.

State health officials say while one definitive source was not found several potential risk factors were identified in the area— the same e-coli strain was found in river water and in cattle and wild pig feces on the property. Doctor Kevin Reilly with the state Department of Health Services says more research is needed. 

 “How does this e-coli survive in the field, what are some of the additional prevention measures that we can put into place, in harvest, in shipment, in processing all the way to the delivery to the table…”

Three people died and hundreds more were sickened from the outbreak last fall that was linked to bagged spinach.  The produce was ultimately removed from store shelves.   A call to Mission Organics has not been returned.