Theatre Review: STC's "Othello"

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Director Peggy Shannon’s “Othello” has a cast of 26 -- more actors -- and more swordplay -- than you’ll see in most summer festival productions. Shannon stages “Othello” as a visceral, straight-ahead potboiler, in which suspicions spring up faster than poisonous mushrooms in a wet lawn. Consider this scene, in which the villain Iago plants doubts about his fellow officer Cassio.


This is also a play about people obsessed with sex and infidelity. Shannon underlines Shakepeare’s words with frank body language.
All in all, this “Othello” resembles a freight train – big and physical, powerful rather than subtle, developing momentum as the story hurtles towards its heartbreaking deadly conclusion. Be sure to appreciate actor Matt K. Miller as Iago.  He typically does comedy. But here, Miller shows that wickedness can dwell behind a charming smile.

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