Grand Jury Report Critical Of Arena Effort

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The grand jury report says city and county officials were not quote “above-board” with citizens and led them to believe a deal had been made with the Kings on an arena proposal.
Sacramento city council member Rob Fong, who worked on negotiations with the Kings, says the report is just plain wrong:
I don’t think there was any anything that was more well-covered in the ramp up to the election, than the details of whether there was a deal, there was not a deal, so I completely disagree with that characterization.
But Sacramento Assembly member Dave Jones, who led the No on Arena campaign, says the city did attempt to mislead the public:
The city tried to keep secret the terms of the negotiations, and we just think that was not appropriate.
The report ultimately carries little weight.  As long as officials meet a June deadline to respond to the allegations they are unlikely to suffer any legal ramifications.  That response, according to the city attorney, is likely to be -- the report is not valid.