Earlier Primary Heightens the Need for Campaign Cash

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 12, 2007

While in Washington D.C. recently, Democratic State Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez met with U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate Barack Obama… Nunez has the advantage of a one-on-one meeting but he says he’s going through the same process every other voters are—to learn more about the candidates running for President. 

 “But I’d like to get involved because the prospects of helping somebody become President of this country are just enormously attractive to me…”
The help that someone like Nunez can bring to a democratic candidate is undoubtedly attractive to all those running-- because of his connections to political donors.

Political Science Professor Bruce Cain directs the University of California Washington Center in D.C.  He says with a likely earlier primary in California, candidates must get on board with big donors quickly…. But Cain says making the choice is a tricky calculation for state leaders… 

 “We’re so far out from the primary that the polling numbers are very unreliable, the public really doesn’t know much about these candidates…” 

Cain says backing the right candidate—who becomes the next President of the United States could have some definite perks for lawmakers who support them.   Neither the legislative leaders nor the Governor have announced which candidate they’ll support… but the meetings are happening.