Counties Claim Probation Officer Shortage

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 12, 2007

There are roughly 300-thousand offenders on probation – and 14-hundred officers in counties across the state to handle them.  Those are the figures from the Chief Probation Officers of California.  They say officers can only handle half of the probationers.  The other half are neglected.  President of the organization Chief Kim Barrett says that has a domino effect:

“The lack of investment in local probation services has allowed many probationers to fall through the cracks and move on to our state prison system. It is a senseless revolving door.””

Governor Schwarzenegger proposed 50 million dollars for increased services for 18-25 year old probationers in his budget.  The state’s non-partisan legislative analyst has recommended cutting that to 5 million for a pilot program.  The group is asking the legislature to support the higher amount – which members call a good start.