City Of Elk Grove Wants A Slogan

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, March 9, 2007

You may not know it, but Sacramento’s slogan is “discover gold.”  Rancho Cordova just unveiled a slogan.  It’s “City Life – Reinvented.”  And Roseville last year ditched its 20 year old slogan “Tradition, Pride, Progress”  for “Always Amazing.”
Roseville’s deputy city manager Julia Burrows says the new slogan has inspired staff and residents:
It’s allowed us to really put our best foot forward with all of those amazing things that we’re trying to do in the city.
Elk Grove spokeswoman Christine Brainerd says the city wants a slogan for two reasons:
We really want to define what makes Elk Grove desirable as a business location and a place to call home.
The city held its first public meeting on possible slogans this week.  Sarah Johnson, a ten year Elk Grove resident, liked the slogan “Welcome Home:”
It captures the feeling that some of us are trying desperately to hold on to – the small town, close knit community feeling.
Johnson didn’t like some of the other suggested slogans, like “You’ve Arrived” or “Opportunity Knocks.”
Nancy McGinnis, with the Chamber of Commerce, liked the suggestion “It’s All Here,” but was also partial to “Welcome Home:”

That will help, not only the current businesses feel good about Elk Grove, but also will give potential businesses a real feel for the spirit of Elk Grove.
The Chamber is hoping a catchy phrase will help attract 15 thousand new jobs over the next decade.
For now, officials have decided to send the consulting firm back to the drawing board to come up with some more slogans.  They’re also asking residents for input.  There will be more public meetings, and an on-line vote.  Based on that, the city council plans to choose a new slogan by mid-summer.