Theatre Review: Twelve Angry Men

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, March 8, 2007

Nowadays, you’d need to look long and hard to find an all-white, all-male jury – the kind of cigarette-smoking, necktie-wearing panel featured in “Twelve Angry Men.” But the dynamics of how jurors reach a verdict haven’t changed. People weigh the evidence, and the way it was presented. Like veteran actor Richard Thomas, playing the skeptical Juror Number Eight, the pivotal figure in this play.

(excerpt from play)

This 90-minute drama is like a pressure cooker, boiling over as the characters develop growing doubts about the case. In live performance, their red-faced, emotional confrontations make for tense, fascinating theater. Especially when the murder weapon comes into view – a glittering switchblade knife. This polished production has a deep cast of talented, experienced actors, including George Wendt. It’s possibly the best show the Broadway Series will host this season. But to feel the full intensity, get seats close to the stage, and watch these guys sweat as they hammer out their verdict.