Sacramento D.A. Targets Guns And Gangs

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, March 1, 2007

The idea is that law enforcement officials around the county will keep an eye on known gang members and past offenders and arrest them for minor infractions.  If they have a gun on them, District Attorney Jan Scully says the “TARGET” team will be called in:
The target team members will be available to law enforcement day or night.  They will be there to review search warrants, answer questions, and to assist with any other needs of law enforcement.
Scully says half the murders in Sacramento county involve guns.
The “TARGET” team – two prosecutors and an investigator – will be assigned solely to gun cases.   Scully says this team will ensure cases get to court and it will push judges to hand down long sentences. 
But Renee Rosales, a South Sacramento resident, doesn’t think it’s a good idea:
I think rehabilitation is better off for them, because you just incarcerate them, it’s a life that they get to know, and that’s how we get these habitual criminals.
The TARGET team is the latest in a series of efforts by law enforcement to cut down on gang violence in the county.