Oak Park Firebombing Suspects Sentenced

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, February 28, 2007

13-months after her home was firebombed, Beth Kivel says she and her partner Kirsten Tripplett can finally put the traumatic incident behind them. 

"We’re really glad that it’s over. We feel like there’s a conclusion to the event."

Kivel and Tripplett escaped injury and there was little damage to their home.

Police say the attack was in retaliation for the couple’s efforts to rid Oak Park’s streets of drug dealers, pimps and hookers. But rather than intimidating neighbors, Kivel says the firebombing actually prompted more residents to get involved in improving the community. 

"Everything kind of came together at a perfect moment to really mobilize folks to be more proactive." 

Suspects Richard Collins, Tausha Newsome and Rashikendra Prasad each pleaded no contest in lieu of a trial and were sentenced to three years in prison.