Will New Snow Save Ski Season?

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The slopes were crowded and business was brisk at mountain resorts last weekend. Resort operators finally got the big storm they were waiting for after one of the driest Januarys on record. But a labor market consultant with the state Employment Development Department says it may be too late to save the ski season.   

"You really can’t make up for those lost big weekends and the lost snowpack."

David Lyons says mountain resorts will most likely extend their season but he says timing is everything in the ski resort business. 

"I still don’t think it brings back enough revenues for the ski resorts to be real thrilled about the season." 

Lyons says even if resorts extend the season, it’ll be a challenge to attract the crowds as the weather gets warmer and people get into more of a spring time mind set, starting home improvement projects and other recreational activities associated with warmer weather.