Sacramento Officials Want Amgen Tour Back Next Year

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, February 26, 2007

John McCasey, executive director of the Sacramento Sports Commission, says the cycling event was such a success for the twelve cities that hosted it, there are now more locales hoping to be part of the event:
We know there are ten other cities that are vying to get a piece of the pie.
McCasey didn’t know which cities were in the running, but he says tour officials liked Sacramento for several reasons:
They definitely liked the crowd, they definitely, of course, liked the fact that it’s a state capital. I think they liked the fact the governor showed up, that’s pretty impressive from their perspective.
Stage two of the tour came through downtown last week and drew thousands of fans.  This was the second year for the race, but only the first time Sacramento was on the schedule. According to the Convention and Visitors Bureau, the event brought at least one million dollars in revenue to the city.