Another Universal Health Care Plan

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(Sacramento, CA)
Sunday, February 25, 2007

Senator Sheila Kuehl has re-introduced what’s known as a single-payer program.  It would be a lot like Medicare; run by the government and paid for by employers and income-earners.  The Democrat will testify this week at an Assembly committee hearing.  Kuehl says with so much at stake - there’s no need to rush:

“My rule for this year as chair of the Senate Health committee is do no harm – I thought it was appropriate to use the hippocratic oath - and not to allow us just to rush into something like we did with electricity just so we get something in one year - and then turn around later and go oops – this really hurt a lot of people.”

Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed Kuehl’s single-payer bill last year.  He said he wouldn’t support what he called state-run health care. The Governor and Legislative leaders of both parties are also pushing their own healthcare plans.