Spanking Bill Re-Worked

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, February 22, 2007

The no-spanking bill was ridiculed by talk show hosts nationwide – even Saturday Night Live did a spoof.  But Assemblywoman Lieber says that’s not what prompted the change.  She says the votes just aren’t there to pass it.

 “I’m very disappointed. I think it’s a moral failing in out state to have it enshrined in our law that we allow children to be punished to the point of injury.”

Though the bill doesn’t forbid spanking – it does ban the use of certain implements such as a belt, stick, or rod on children under 18.  It also bans vigorous shaking of a child under three, and throwing, kicking or burning a child.   Randy Thomasson with the Campaign for Children and Families says the bill still goes too far:

“They’re calling my mother an abuser cause she used a stick.  This bill is offense to many parents who know they have to show a child both soft love and tough love when necessary.”

The bill also allows judges to require violators to take parenting courses.