Governor and McCain Appear Together

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Governor took McCain on a helicopter tour in Long Beach, and the two spoke publicly about their shared environmental agendas.  Schwarzenegger called for the nation to adopt a low carbon fuel standard similar to California’s.  He also spoke warmly of McCain, who he called his good friend.

“He wants to attack global warming but at the same time protect the economy, and he is a big proponent of anything that strengthens our national security.”

McCain praised the Governor’s environmental leadership, and called for federal action to curb global warming.  And of course, a reporter asked the question on everyone’s mind:

Reporter: “Does Senator McCain’s presence here mean that you would support him in a Republican primary in California?"

McCain: "I think it's the endorsement, yes." (joking, laughter)

Schwarzenegger:   "No, we are not doing presidential politics here.”

Governor Schwarzenegger also met with Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani when he was in town recently for the Republican state convention.