Term Limits On The Ballot?

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, February 15, 2007

Right now state lawmakers can serve for 14 years.  No more than 6 in the Assembly, and no more than 8 in the Senate.  That would change under a proposed initiative submitted to the Attorney General’s office.  Under the measure, the total limit would be reduced to 12 years – but lawmakers could serve them all in one house.   Democratic strategist Gale Kaufman is one of those behind the push.  She says it makes sense for outsiders to put the issue to voters:

“The most self-serving this that you can do with term limits is allow the legislators themselves to put it on the ballot.  This, we believe gives it a much better shot at passage.”

Schwarzenegger re-election campaign strategist Matthew Dowd is also on board.  He says they’d like to get the issue on the February ballot – that is, if lawmakers move the Presidential primary to that month.  If the term limits measure is approved, some current legislative leaders could hang on  their posts for a few more years.