Same Sex Couples Applaud Clerk Recorder's Actions

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, February 15, 2007

Clerk recorder Freddie Oakley created what she calls “certificates of inequality,” to state her personal view that California discriminates against gays by depriving them of the right to marry.
About 20 gay couples showed up at the county administration building on Valentine’s Day to get the certificates.
Donna Yutzy came with her partner of 20 years.
We think that Freddie’s action is really very courageous, and it touched us in a way, because she stepped up when she didn’t have to.
Several dozen protestors gathered peacefully outside the administration building.
Alan Clemensen of Woodland objected to Oakley using her public office to express her private views:
We’re not against her as a person or her feeling that she wants to be an advocate for them, but don’t use our building for it.  Go home.
Oakley says she used her own time and money to make the certificates.
California’s law banning same sex marriage is currently pending before the state supreme court.