Bill to Allow for Life Ending Medication Returns to Legislature

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, February 15, 2007

The authors of the bill call it the “compassionate choices act” while opponents say it’s doctor-assisted suicide.  State Assembly Speaker FabianNunez says the bills’ authors have convinced him it is the right thing to do—even if it means going against his church. 

 “It’s about ending your life on your terms as a last wish that you are provided in this world which we know…”
The measure has failed before.  Nunez’s backing is expected to send a message to lawmakers who may be concerned about political risk. The bill would allow patients who have six months or less to live to make an oral and written request for life-ending medication. There is also a cooling-off period. The California Medical Association opposes the bill.  The group argues that helping someone to die is unethical and incompatible with a physician’s role as a healer.  Other opponents include disability rights advocates.