Clerk Recorder Protests Gay Marriage Ban

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Yolo County Clerk Recorder Freddie Oakley personally believes that gay marriage should be legal.  So, on her own dime and her own time, she printed so-called “certificates of inequality,” which she’ll give to gay couples who show up to be married tomorrow:
What they essentially say is that California law prevents me from issuing a marriage license to you, but I, Freddie Oakley, think that that’s discriminatory and not a good thing.
But Karen England, with the pro-family group, Capital Resource Institute, says Oakley is wrongly using her public office to express her personal views:
The people of Yolo County should make sure she’s never elected to any position again.
Gay groups nationwide are urging same sex couples to seek marriage licenses on Valentine’s Day.