Disabled Weigh in on Disaster Plans

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, February 1, 2007

Sacramento’s Emergency Manager Jerry Colivas is seeking input from those who are disabled, elderly and homeless to update the city’s emergency evacuation plan.  He says more than 100 people gathered from service agencies to talk. 

  “We have heard that people do want to have notification early on they want multiple types of notification that just the emergency alert system in the middle of a disaster isn’t going to work for them. …” 

He says others have discussed an emergency registry so those living alone without help can be notified in a disaster. Carole Risley with the State Department of Developmental Services says there are also issues with emergency housing. 

“And then when they get to the shelter will the shelter be accessible? Can they get into the bathroom, will there be interpreters at the shelter?”
City officials expect to release a draft evacuation plan by the end of the month.