New Legislation Goes Green

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, January 31, 2007

While last year’s buzzwords around the Capitol were greenhouse gas emissions, this year they could be “alternative fuel”.  Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez says he’s looking at charging fees to fund research in that area. 

 “The most constructive way to go about it is to put our money where our mouth is and to help spur innovation and those technologies that will help reduce our dependency on oil…” 

Proposition 87 that failed on last year’s ballot would have taxed oil producers in California to fund a similar effort.   However Nunez says who will pay his proposed fees has yet to be worked out.  Other legislation introduced would require state vehicles that can run on alternative fuels to do so.  Another bill will outlaw the old-fashioned incandescent lightbulb in California in favor of more efficient bulbs.